When we live and work together, we all have different kind of boundaries with each other, which can also vary in any situation.  We move form task to free choice each and every day. Every day brings a mixture of obligatory tasks and activities over which we have choice.  There is always something unspoken, which others do not even realise. When a conflict situation arises, we can be astonished by the reaction of others or from ourselves.  Here, we talk about everything with respect for each other in open communication. We talk about the previously unspoken to set new boundaries. 

This workshop is d designed for teams and companies. Please take a look at my Personal Development title, if you are interested in private coaching. 

We work together here to create a new way of communicating in order to refresh our boundaries. It is essential for a better working environment. If you are saying yes, even when you need to say no, then you are programming a conflict in the long term. If we do not show awareness of each other, then we can even begin to sabotage ourselves or others. Our body health and mental health will be in danger. 

Is it worth it? 

Our aim is to find our own unique way, to be open to differences and to communicate with each other with a new framework for a better daily work environment and to create an effective open working culture. 

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