We all wish to work in companies with happy, harmonious and successful Teams. This is the key for our success and productivity.

The truth is we are changing. Everything changes in our world, just as, our companies’, structures, conditions and people are continuously changing.  The only thing, that is not changing is the change itself.

There is a logical reason, why we try new systems, new techniques = such as Agile or NewWork solutions and all the others. As a matter of fact, change itself is an ongoing process, in which we can or must adapt ourselves to. We do it all for finding better, easier and more effective methods to reach our goals with success.

The advantage of working with a coach is that your coach is objective and not directly involved. Your coach uses different techniques to get the best out of you and your team. A coach supports each individual, in respect of the team dynamics, for more efficiency.  

In addition to the improvement of group dynamics, there is also the need to optimize the group communication capacity.

On the whole, coaching for team development plays an important role in matters such as, but not only:

  • dealing with changes within and outside the team
  • ensuring positive and effective communication within the team
  • enhancing empathy among group members
  • strengthening the goal orientation and concentration of the group
  • enhancing conflict resolution and problem solution ability of the team

The aim of a coach is to encourage them to find or create their own solutions, by themselves. To support them, how they can apply which source and way to decide and find them with self-initiative, also for the long term. Different from mentoring or consulting, coaching concentrates on guiding individuals to find, activate and utilise team skills by themselves.

My own observation from experience is that team members and leaders are glad to get a new perspective, which raises their engagement and productivity.

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