We nearly all think of Mondays, New Years or some other special days to quit, begin or change something. When this big day arrives, I don’t want to say how this story ends up. I stopped counting my big Mondays. 

Must it really be so hard to go through this big change? Since 2013 I have had one certain answer for it:


Since 2014 I share my knowledge and experiences with the Kaizen Principle. 

Big changes are big challenges for us. We resist big changes. Our body and mind resists, like our unconscious mind. Our primary programming, which is responsible for keeping us alive and protecting us from dangers, is not a friend of our good big changes. Each time we try, our unconscious mind finds many creative reasons, why we must let it be. Even if it means for good, our habits can harm us or we can be blocked on our way to success. It is comfortable for us to be in the known rather than the unknown. 

My good news for you is that we can walk on our tiptoes and it will keep on sleeping.

Kaizen Principle is based on finding and setting efficient and constant little changes every day without struggling. 

Writing a book, losing some pounds, starting your own business, beginning yoga or exercise, cluttering your office or house, starting a new hobby – you get the idea. It is up to you. 

To see the happiness in your eyes or posts every day, is my Kaizen way for my fulfilment.

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