You dream to change something in your life, but you get is not what you want.

What do you think or feel, when you hear the following sentences? 

“If I had a lot of money; I could have done so many things I dream of!”

„Once burnt, twice cautious, I trust no one anymore! “

„Money does not fall from the skies, why should one still reach for the stars.”

„ I am already over the hill and not young enough for a change in my career.“

„Never in a million years!“

„At this age I will not get a job anyway!”

“……………… are really all the same!”

“Better the evil that you already know”

This way or in a similar way people think or express themselves in everyday life. Daily life is already a burden and is getting ever more severe. Your wish is not your reality.

Can we change it? YES!

Good news is, when we learn something new, our brains cannot act like not knowing it. So we use this speciality to change our thinking and acting patterns easily. Over many years, we all learn to handle in framed structures. This is like a copy-paste action of our brain to make life easier for us. We give decisions about situations or people around us according to these frames. Although everything changes day by day, our frames stay the same.

So if you want to change your life, it is wise to take a look at your frames. It is sometimes much easier than we can imagine.

It is your choice. You can decide to keep on complaining, how hard life is or take a step in to live your dream. It’s up to you!

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