You can find certainly much information on the web about how to establish your company here. It is like water in the ocean. 

In reality, it is like learning swimming from a book and then jumping into deep water. If you stay alive, you are in luck.

Choosing a suitable company form requires visits to authorities, studying written and other rules or regulations and more challenges you will face on your way. 

I offer you, my knowledge, experience and individual solutions for such challenges. Together we can draw up and write your Business Plan and I can assist you with your visits and appointments.

 I will search with you for what or whom you need. You can decide independently, where and which topics you need or wish to be supported with.

My offer for you is also individual and based on your needs and interests, certainly not a package deal with services that you don’t need. 

I can reassure you that, all services will be performed with discretion and confidentiality.

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