For thousands of years humanity has been thinking about how we should interact.?. Where are the real boundaries? Why do we need them? For this reason, we found laws, regulations, cultural traditions, etc. We won’t dive into these depths, but we will ask the question “where are my personal boundaries and how do I feel with them?” . We will ‘’Keep it simple!’’ like a good friend of mine always loves to say. 

If you find yourself saying no, even you would rather say yes or vice versa or feeling that you have no time for the things you love to do. You are there for others always when they need you, but you find nobody near you, if you need them. You have this feeling, that your time is not under your control. 

Then it is time to take a close look what’s going on. With some little steps day by day, you will gain more control of your time, life and happiness. You will say no with confidence and say yes more often to yourself at the right time.

You will have more respect, more self-confidence, more freedom and more balance as a result.

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