Every organization doesn’t have to or cannot employ a Project Manager. There can be various reasons for it. By the way, it is important to have an overview about the terminology, cycles and processes, if you are one of the stakeholders and perfectly complete your task.

In 2014, I hold two ‘Project Management for Beginners’ trainings in english for an international training company. Some of my attendees were from the Stock Exchange of another country. The HR Director, who took place in the second training told me, why they needed to get such a training. She said, that they didn’t have a qualified Project Manager in their department, but most others. They were somehow, again and again, being part of a project, which most of their other departments are involved in. It was hard for them to understand the terminology, cycles, deadlines or processes. So she decided, that her team members would have to cope better with it, through an overview training. She gave the right decision. It was the best way to achieve maximum outcome with minimum cost.

In this training, we undertake a general overview at the project management. At the end, you and your team/company will have a good action possibility in implementing, without getting lost in it.

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