Your attendees, guests and team can read by themselves? Do you doubt it? 

Do you still prepare many perfect pages with Power Point or some other tool and your presentation is based on reading them to your public page by page? 

That was yesterday. You can make it easier for all of you, if you print a copy, give them to read wherever they like and wait for their questions. There is no difference if it is an internal or external presentation. 

You have adults sitting and waiting for more than a homework to be read in front of them. They expect to hear interesting things. Their time is also precious like yours. It doesn’t matter if they are your customers or your own team, all wish to be heard or participate in some fashion at any time. Interaction is the key for your success. 

Another possible situation is, that you prepare a good presentation rather than read from PPT’s, but then you lose the control of the time and must hurry up at the end to finish. Your listeners are talking to each other and you don’t know, where your main subject remain, whether your purpose was understood. That’s not your destiny. 

I can promise you, that you will get rid of your anxiety, sore throat, time pressure, yawning listeners and stomach ache. 

For employers it can mean promotion and profit. If you are self-employed, then it can be more customers.

It is a great feeling when your attendants are not asking to leave earlier or digging holes in the air.

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