Close your eyes and think for a moment:

You are in a beautiful house with a garden. The garden is the symbol of your life. What does it look like? Trees, fence, flowers – everything means something for you. Then you have neighbours and other people who are walking or driving through – guests, or your family that you live together with. Some of them are very respectful, some of them don’t care, some of them are irritating. You know it and you are always trying to tidy up your garden. 

If you are tired of tidying up or your garden seems not like the one you dream of, or people are throwing their rubbish in your garden, then it is time to look again. It can also be, that your fence is so high, your flowers are not getting enough sunshine, you even don’t know your neighbours or what’s going on outside. 

We come together for new priorities, may be a new fence, new rules and new flowers.

If we cannot see something with our eyes and cannot touch it with our hands, it can be difficult to realise, when we crossed over the border.  

If you have a strong desire, be sure you can create your dream garden.

It is your decision to either continue complaining or enjoying your wonderful dream garden.

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